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the world's scariest product demo

XFINITY wanted to create a product demo for their home security offering, XFINTIY Home.

But product demos are boring, and people don't watch them.

So this year for Halloween, we dressed up our product demo as a scary short film.

This is the trailer. That's why it's so short.

Typical social sentiment on XFINITY's facebook page is... less than stellar. But following the launch of The Neighborhood, we saw a noticeable departure from the norm, with people praising the brand, demanding more long form content, and even confusing the video with an actual feature film.  


Following the release of the film, we leveraged facebook’s analytics and retargeting to “haunt” people who viewed The Neighborhood with consideration and acquisition social ads. The ads resulted in a 33% increase in interest in finding out more about XFINITY Home.



Director: Dante Ariola

CD: Jeff Gillette

ACD: Eamonn Dixon, Daniel Grecht, Mike Costello

Copywriter: Daniel Berenson

Art Director: Sean Smith